Types of lawyers

In Australia, the law is a large and sprawling thing, often connected to the Colonial past. No single lawyer can be an expert in all fields of law, so it makes sense that they would form practices with lawyers practicing in different areas, just as Ryan & Seton Lawyers have.

Understanding the types of specialists available to you can help you when you are searching for Central Coast lawyers.

Criminal lawyer

This is the type of lawyer that you need if you have been involved in crime. They can cover crimes ranging from murder, aggravated assault, drug trafficking and armed robbery or burglary all the way down to minor assaults and traffic offences. If you are in this situation, you need a specialist criminal lawyer.

Family lawyer

Anything which is connected with relationships, including parents, spouses and children, is the subject of family law. Lawyers in this specialisation will handle divorces, child custody disputes and property litigation,.

Corporate lawyer

It is not only single individuals who want to go to Court, sometimes businesses do, too. They can help companies with a number of issues, including mergers and company acquisitions, as well as the founding of a new business.

Estate lawyer

Connected to family law, the estate lawyer will deal with Wills, financial trusts and Probate. They can assist you if you need to draw up a Will, or if you need assistance with division of property after the death of a loved one. Ryan & Seton Lawyers offer specialists in this field.

Civil lawyer

A lawyer practicing in this area is likely to be used when their clients are suing people that they know, such as business associates or neighbours or family members, or if they need to otherwise respond to a civil lawsuit.

General practice

There are a few lawyers who do not specialise in a particular field, but can work as an advisor on a number of legal topics. If you have a simple case without any complications, then you should make use of this lawyer if you want basic advice on legal matters.

Find the legal team you need

Regardless of what type of Central Coast lawyers you are searching for, we can help you by bringing our experts to your cause. We offer advice and legal assistance in a number of areas, so if you want someone with experience and knowledge, you should contact Ryan & Seton Lawyers today. You can send an enquiry using our online form, or call us on 02 4397 1500 now.

The above is not intended as legal advice. You should obtain legal advice in relation to your own specific circumstances.

Article by John Ryan

John Ryan John Ryan – Consultant

In 1979, John Ryan started his legal career as a solicitor. Since then, John partnered at the firm Writer Ryan Boesen, to then became the sole practitioner at our current location. He currently works as a consultant, where his substantial expertise with personal injury, litigation matters, wills, estates and family provision claims has earned him a reputation as one of the leading litigation lawyers on the Central Coast.



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