Case Study: Avoiding Interim Hearings To Spend More Time With Children

Father playing with children
We helped a Father get extra time with his children without spending the time and money for an Interim Hearing

Family law parenting matter. Our client was struggling to get the time he could spend with his children increased, as the Mother would always refuse. After engaging Dominique to act on his behalf, he got the result he wanted without having to go to an Interim Hearing.

Client story

A Father is seeking to increase the time he is spending with his children to four nights per fortnight instead of three. He had been trying to increase his time with the children for some time, but the Mother would always refuse, notwithstanding there were no allegations of risk. The Mother was not prepared to negotiate and the matter was ultimately listed for an Interim Hearing. It was the Father’s position that this was in the children’s best interests.


  1. Whether the time the children spend with their Father should be three or four nights
  2. If it is in the children’s best interests for the time to be increased

What we did

Dominique prepared the matter for Interim Hearing and put evidence before the court that strongly supported the Father’s position. She appeared as an advocate for the Father and presented his case to the court.


Before the Interim Hearing proceeded, the Judge indicated that, if he was required to make a determination based on the strength of the evidence that had already been filed and read, it was highly likely he would make a decision that was in accordance with the Father’s position. As a result, the Mother signed Consent Orders that were largely in accordance with what the Father was seeking, and the children immediately commenced spending four nights per fortnight with him. The matter did not ultimately have to proceed to an Interim Hearing to be determined, meaning we saved our client a lot of time, money and stress.



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