Case Study: Helping A Client Avoid Licence Disqualification

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Our Traffic Law Solicitors saved our client from losing his driving licence and job

Traffic Offence: Our client was faced with a licence disqualification after being charged with a driving offence, which would have been devastating to him, his family and his employment. The traffic law solicitors at Ryan & Seton stepped in to help him avoid losing his licence and consequently his job.

Client story

A middle aged man was charged with a driving offence, which he had incontrovertibly committed. The client was looking at a three month licence disqualification. The client lived at one end of the Central Coast and worked at the other end. If the client lost his licence, he would likely have been dismissed from his job (or, at the very least, been replaced with no guarantee of being re-hired upon the end of his disqualification).


To satisfy the court that a conviction (and subsequent disqualification) was not appropriate in consideration of the client’s character, the nature of the offence, the extenuating circumstances of the offence and the client’s need for a licence.

What we did

Tim advised the client that although the offence had been committed, he did still have options available to escape conviction and any penalty. Tim put forward the client’s strongest possible case by obtaining evidence about:

  • His character and contributions to his community
  • The somewhat unique circumstances that brought him to the attention of the police
  • His employment prospects should he lose his licence
  • The disastrous impact this would have on him and his family

Tim also advised his client to undertake a safe driving program, which the court will usually look upon favourably.


The charge was dismissed. Although found guilty, the court did not impose: a criminal conviction; good behaviour bond; fine; licence disqualification; or any other penalty available. The client kept his licence and his job.



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