10 Surprising and Funny “Love Laws”

Valentines Day Love Laws
This Valentine’s Day, as you’re making plans with your loved one or celebrating solo, take a moment to be thankful that you don’t live in any of these places where you must to abide by these wacky “love laws”!
  1. In Japan, the law states that an elder brother can formally ask for his younger brother’s girlfriend’s hand in marriage — and the best bit is, they must both agree to it! 
  1. In Vermont, a woman must ask for her husband’s permission before wearing false teeth.
  1. When enjoying a smooch in Iowa you must keep one eye on the clock, as it is against the law to kiss for more than five minutes.
  1. French law allows for posthumous marriages, which means that you can still go ahead with the ceremony if one of the participating members is deceased. A great reason to ensure you’ve got your Will in order!
  1. In Eureka, California, men with moustaches are forbidden from kissing women. A good angle for a Gillette advertising campaign perhaps?!
  1. In Birmingham, England, make sure you time your date night correctly, as it is an offence to have intercourse on church stairs after sunset. 
  1. Forget about all the mother-in-law jokes in Wichita, Kansas. There, the mistreatment of your partner’s mamma can be used as grounds for divorce.
  1. In Cleveland, Ohio, women are not allowed to wear patent leather shoes; it is feared that in doing so, it may allow people to get a sneaky peek at their under garments.
  1. Be careful of your dinner choices if you’re in Alexandria, Minnesota; a man is forbidden from having intercourse with his wife if he has the smell of garlic, onion or sardines on his breath. The law makes it compulsory for him to brush his teeth if his wife requests it.
  1. In Idaho you might want to think carefully about how you express your love to your Valentine, as it is illegal to give someone a box of chocolates weighing more than 22.5kgs.

So it seems, in some places, the course of true love may not run so smoothly! But we certainly hope it does for you this Valentine’s Day… and if not, give our Family Law team a call!!!



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