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When dealing with parental law and your future relationship with your children, you need strong and flexible guidance and support.

Our experienced team, headed up by an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, will provide you with assistance throughout the entire process, to ensure a fair parenting order is secured.

Parenting Law

The law focuses on the rights of children to have a relationship with both parents. This means that separating from your partner doesn’t mean that you are separating from your child or children.

There is a legal presumption in favour of equal shared parental responsibility. Both parents have legal rights and responsibilities, and have an equal say in decisions relating to the child.

When it comes to deciding who the child or children live with and how much time they spend with the other parent, the law ensures that the best interests of the children are served first.

Parenting Order

If you and your former partner can together come to an agreement on the terms of parenting arrangements, you can draft a consent order. This consent order is then submitted to the Federal Circuit and Family Court.

If you cannot reach a mutual agreement, your next step is to attend family dispute resolution, where a mediator will try to find a fair resolution for both parents.

If this is unsuccessful, you’ll need to apply to the Court for parenting orders. These orders will dictate arrangements for care and responsibility.

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Family Dispute Resolution For Parenting Orders

If you cannot come to an agreement with your partner over how to parent your children, your next step is to attend family dispute resolution. You must attend this before being allowed to apply for parenting orders (although, there are exceptions to this rule).

The accredited family dispute resolution practitioner will issue a certificate that must be filed with the Court and simply states that your differences were unable to be resolved. 

Federal Circuit and Family Court

If your differences are unable to be settled, then you will need to file an application seeking parenting orders issued by the Federal Circuit and Family Court.

If your case does end up in Court, a legally binding decision will be made through a hearing where the judge will decide what is in the child’s best interests.

Our Central Coast parenting solicitors are very familiar with the Court system and can use our experience to your advantage.

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When Discussing Parental Agreements, You Must Consider:

Best Interest Of The Child

Ability To Provide

Child Support Determinants

Best Interest Of The Child

Ability To Provide

Child Support Factors

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FAQs For Parenting

The term ‘custody’ is no longer used. Instead, the Court deals with parental responsibility and care of children.

Sole parental responsibility and sole care can be granted to a parent if the Court believes it is in the child’s best interest.

Ideally both parents will come to an agreement regarding where the child will live, how much time they will spend with the other parent, and other logistical concerns. If both parents come to an agreement, this is called a consent order.

However, if both parents cannot come to an agreed position, the Court will hear and decide the matter and make appropriate orders.

It depends on your whether you have parenting orders in place and, if so, what they stipulate.

Unless an order grants permission, a parent should not remove a child from Australia to travel or relocate overseas without the other parent’s consent.

Interstate travel does not require the consent of the other parent unless it will interfere with the time that a child is meant to spend with the other parent pursuant to the Court orders.

In circumstances where a parent intends to travel or relocate with the child against the other parent’s wishes – or does so – the Court can make orders restraining that parent or ordering them to immediately return.

When a fast turnaround is required for interim orders, you’ll need to apply for an urgent parenting order.

Common reasons for applying are

  • Safety threats to the child
  • Child abductions
  • Unilateral relocations of a child away from a parent
  • The need to prevent travel with a child (primarily interstate or overseas)
  • Resolution of disputes over medical treatment of a child
  • The need for enforcement of an existing parenting order that was breached

For more information, view our article on applying for an urgent parenting order.

Both parents can be liable to pay child support, however depending on various factors, one parent is usually required to pay the other.

Factors that influence how much child support you have to pay include:

  • How many nights each parent has the child in their care
  • Income and assets of each parent
  • Number and age of the children
  • Other dependants (such as sick or disabled family members)

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